Clubhouse Rental

Clubhouse & Pool Manager

Please contact for the rental contract and to verify if your date is available to rent either the clubhouse or pool.  The rental is not secured until the signed contract has been received with the rental fee and deposits.

Kerry Smith

Clubhouse Rental

The clubhouse is available to rent to MIA homeowners who have fully paid their dues. Homeowners may rent the clubhouse up to 8 times a year. Homeowners who rent their MIA property may pass this privilege onto their renters.

  • Clubhouse rental rate $225.00
  • Refundable security deposit $500.00*

*Cleanup is the sole responsibility of the homeowner renting the clubhouse.
*Noise Restriction Violation may result in forfeit of the security deposit.

To check for availability and submit a request to hold the date while your application is reviewed, visit the Clubhouse Availability & Online Request form.

Pool BBQ Area Rental

The covered area located beside the baby pool is available for rental (up to 30 guests).  The rental includes exclusive use of the tables under the pergola and the BBQs.  Please note that all pool guests can still use the baby pool during a rental. Contact Kerry at to schedule a rental.

BBQ rental rate $75.00