Beginning August 16, 2023, the pool is open Saturdays and Sundays Only from 1:00 PM -8:00 PM.

Our pool is staffed by lifeguards when it is open to our community.  We ask that parents still watch their children ensuring everyone remains safe and well behaved.  Children must be over 14 to come to the pool without a parent.  Children who are a problem for the lifeguards will have this privilege revoked.  All babysitters must be over 16 if they are monitoring children at the pool.  Please double check the pool rules for questions.

As you know, we have had work going on in the pool house to remodel our bathrooms and office. There was a hold up with some of the permits, so construction has halted; however it should resume soon. At this time there is a construction fence around the building. We ask that neighbors please avoid this area completely to stay safe.

Because the pool house bathrooms are not complete or usable, we will be allowing those using the pool to use the clubhouse bathrooms as long as the clubhouse is not rented. We ask that you please dry off completely before going into the clubhouse bathrooms. And, parents, please supervise your children up at the clubhouse bathrooms. The clubhouse will not be open for hanging out inside; only the bathrooms will be available for use.

We will also have a portable toilet and sink in the parking lot area in case the clubhouse bathrooms are not available. They will be locked and only usable by pool attendees and lifeguards. Due to the limited bathroom facilities, the BBQ/kiddie pool area cannot be rented until we finish construction.

Thank you for understanding. We know this isn’t an ideal scenario for opening the pool, but we know people are anxious to swim and use our shared property.

We have a new ping pong table, croquet set, and basketballs and volleyballs available on the clubhouse lawn. When the pool is open the gate will be open and members can play up on the clubhouse lawn. Please be responsible for our shared items, take good care of them, and return all equipment to the bins and close the lids when you’re done playing. Thanks!

Note: if the clubhouse is rented, this will be unavailable.

Guest Fees

Cost is $2 per guest.