FAQ for Repairing VS Replacing Pool

To answer some of the ongoing questions regarding how the Board deals with the responsibility of repairing or replacing the pool, the Board has assembled a list of frequently asked questions.

Q. Didn’t we do this a number of years ago and wasn’t it voted down?

A. In 2014, there was a proposed plan to overhaul the entire space which included replacing and reshaping the pool using a special assessment. That plan was not approved by the homeowners. The pool needs extensive repair or replacement in the coming years. The current undertaking is to get information, feedback, and input from the community on the direction the Board should take to ensure that Montevideo homeowners continue to have a functional and safe swimming pool that is a shared community resource.

Q. Why can’t we just repair the pool leaks?

A. The pool is over 50 years old and in need of extensive repairs in the coming years. The board is attempting to get direction from the community regarding how we make these repairs. There are substantial costs associated with repairing or replacing the pool and each poses significant and unique challenges. It may be cheaper to simply repair the pool, but, for example, if substantial ground subsidence is discovered surrounding the pool and pool deck due to ongoing leaks, it may be more cost effective to replace the pool instead of repairing the issues piecemeal over time. The size and shape of could be altered at that time or not. The board is seeking input and direction from the community.

Q. I don’t use the pool, why should I have to help pay to have it repaired?

A. As a shared community resource, the entire community benefits not just in having an amazing amenity but increased property values, a space for community activities and connecting with your neighbors. This resource is a source of pride for many current residents and highly desirable for families new to the neighborhood. Each homeowner as a condition of purchasing a home in Montevideo entered into an agreement to help maintain the community property through annual dues regardless of whether they use the pool and clubhouse now, or in the past, or not at all.

Q. You only want to change the shape for the Swim Team.

A. Not true. First the board would only consider changing the shape of the pool as a part of the replacement if needed and if there was a desire from the community to do so. We have heard from many adult community members and families who pay to use other cabana clubs, private clubs and health clubs that offer lanes they can swim in. The board has heard that a bigger, more rectangular footprint would allow for more use year round for people interested in doing lap swim and water fitness, while children could play in a different area. The swim team is a valued part of our community and would benefit from having a pool with multiple lanes but so would many other Montevideo residents. It is a community pool first and foremost and should support the needs of the neighborhood. That is why we are seeking input at this time.

Q. How are we going to pay for the repair/replacement?

A. If only repairs are needed, the existing reserve and dues may be able to fund the project. Another mechanism to fund repair or replacement would be to take out a loan. This would help preserve the reserve for any unforeseen issues but would require paying interest on the loan depending on the interest rate and the duration of the loan. Additional funding can come from increasing revenue from other sources like offering a limited number of associate memberships from non-residents, adding or increasing fees for other activities, or adding rental spaces. These may only generate limited revenue and would not fully fund repairs.

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