Pool Repair Survey

Happy Holidays! As we look forward to a new year, we are faced with many challenges and many opportunities. One of which is ensure the fifty year old swimming pool lasts another fifty years, preferably more. Unfortunately, due to the pool leaking in various places, cracks and leaks at the skimmers, the pool decking being extensively cracked and damaged, and old pipes that have had two major ruptures in the past year alone and are corroded similar to the clubhouse pipes, the pool and surrounding infrastructure has reached its useful life and will need to be replaced in the near future.

The board needs the community’s input on how to proceed before we move ahead. The association can replace the pool in its current shape or can replace it with a different shape. Each one has has its pros and its cons. Either replacement can be done without increasing dues beyond annual CPI.

In the coming days, please look for a survey in your postal mail that will help guide the board in its decision making with respect this shared community asset. We ask that you read the enclosed letter, and mark a choice on the return-addressed stamped postcard and drop it in the mail by January 12, 2023. We welcome your comments and feedback if you would like to write them on the card as well. The mailers are only going to the homeowner’s address that we have on file.

We know that the holidays are a busy time, so we will be sure to send out additional reminders after the holidays.

MIA Pool House Remodel Update

After a lengthy permitting and contractor selection process, work has officially begun on redoing the pool house to improve the bathrooms, reclaim the unused sauna space, and fix the plumbing, safety, and accessibility issues. Both restrooms/changing rooms will be accessible from the front of the building. Outdoor showers are being added. Work is expected to take three to four months.

The galvanized water pipes are completely rusted and corroded inside leaving barely 1/4 inch for water to travel and increasing the risk of leaks.

rusted galvanized pipes

We tested for asbestos and lead. The good news is only a small amount of asbestos was detected and only in the drywall tape in the water heater closet and under the paint in the office. It will be removed by qualified professionals.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

2023 Dues Invoices and 2022 Year End Packet emailed Dec 1st

2023 Dues Invoices and 2022 Year End Packet were emailed out on December 1, 2022. If you didn’t see it, check your Junk or Spam folders. If you would like it emailed again or a mailed copy, please send a message to the Board.

Also, if you would like to email added to the mailing list or need to update it, let us know.

Grants Available to Earthquake Retrofit Your Home

Earthquake Brace + Bolt

In light of the recent 5.1 earthquake, we wanted to share a state program that can help you pay for and earthquake retrofit.

Registration is now open for Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) and closes November 29, 2022.

Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) helps homeowners lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake by offering qualified homeowners a grant for up to $3,000 toward a building code-compliant earthquake retrofit. EBB is also offering a Supplemental Grant to homeowners with a household annual income of $72,080 or less as funding permits.

A few MIA neighbors have taken advantage of this program as a part of a remodel or just as a way to provide some extra piece of mind for when the big one hits.

You can register at EarthquakeBraceBolt.com. The process is quicker and less expensive than you might think.

The EBB Program was developed by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA) and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES).

Halloween Tent & Treat this Saturday

Join us on Saturday, October 29 2022, between 5PM & 7PM for Montevideo’s Tent & Treat. Visit decorated tents, and get some treats at our neighborhood Halloween at the clubhouse.

If you would like to decorate a tent there are a still a few available. Sign up at https://forms.gle/xKcQy5sd4AYYX2Tg8. Popups provided just bring some decorations.

See you Saturday.

Tent or Treat

MIA Tent n’ Treat – October 29

Let’s have a fun early Halloween Party this year with a return of Montevideo’s Tent n’ Treat even at the clubhouse on Saturday, October 29th 5PM – 7PM .  We would love neighbors or entire streets to adopt a pop-up to decorate for the night  We will have the Pop-Ups in the clubhouse lawn available all day before the event.

There will also be a Witch’s Brew Bar for adults to grab a treat and a drink during the event.   Come in costume and enter the costume contest.

Sign up, let us know your theme, or if you just want to come and enjoy the festivities.


Tent or Treat

Happy Hour / Family Movie Night

Join us at the clubhouse on Friday, 10/7 for a Montevideo double feature, Happy Hour 5PM – 7PM and Family Movie Night 7PM to 8:30PM.

For Happy hour Bring a drink or snack to share.

For Family Movie Night, bring your family, a blanket or chairs to relax on the lawn and enjoy the movie.

Flyer for October 2022 Happy Hour