Fourth of July Results

4 on the 4th Run results can be found here.

Our theme of Video Games led to some really creative and fun parade entries! And the winners are…
1st place (157 points): Monteverde with Super Mario Bros
2nd place (156 points): (Lower) Puerto Vallarta with PacMan
3rd place (151 points): Montalban with Angry Birds
4th place (145 points): (Upper) Puerto Vallarta with Minecraft

Other parade awards:
Most Creative: Montelegre with Tetris
Best Adaptation of the Theme: Montalban with Angry Birds
Best Costumes: (Upper) Puerto Vallarta with Minecraft
Most Original: Guadalajara with Game Over
Best Music: Marching Band from Dartmouth Middle School
Most Entertaining: (Lower) Puerto Vallarta with PacMan
Most Enthusiastic: Montevideo Piranhas Swim Team with Mario Kart


Hello neighbors,

Our LOST & FOUND table is getting quite full of towels and goggles and other bits and bobs. Take a look next time you’re at the pool and see if you’ve left anything behind.

Also, we have two large pots and one large speaker (most likely broken) that we need to get rid of. If you have use for a pot or a potentially broken speaker, please email and let us know.

Fourth of July is Coming Up!

Hi neighbors!

The Fourth of July is less than two weeks away and we are getting ready for the festivities. Please remember to order your food and t-shirts and sign up for the 4 on the 4th race. Each of these has a different deadline, but all can be ordered through our  website shop.

T-shirt orders must be in by THIS FRIDAY, June 23.

BBQ food orders must be in by TUESDAY, June 27.

Race Registration online will be closed MONDAY, July 3 at noon to allow us to prepare for the race.

The parade is shaping up to be a lot of fun. It’s not too late to enter the parade if you have an idea. Fill out this google form to sign up.

Also, we still need more help with the race, set up, food service, and clean up; click here to help us run our fun Fourth of July event.

Fourth of July 2023

Hello Neighbors!

We are excited about the upcoming July 4th fun in Montevideo. You should have received a newsletter on your porch with all of the information about our festivities. The parade theme this year is Video Games. We are excited to see what people come up with for their parade entries.

We have designed some Montevideo t-shirts for our Fourth of July festivities this year. Shirts can be ordered through our website shop for $20 each. Orders must be in by June 23. We will buy a few extra to sell the day of the events, but to guarantee you get this year’s shirt, order now.

Our four mile run is back this year. You can pay on our website or drop your check off at 6149 Monteverde Dr. Once you’ve paid, you will receive a link to signup each individual runner. Sign up by July 2. The race begins at 8:30; bib pick-up will begin at 8:00 am in the Montevideo parking lot.

Please purchase the Run Registration separately from T-shirts orders in the online shop.

To sign up to be in the parade, fill out this google form. Any group of neighbors can be in the parade; it doesn’t have to be by street. Grab a few friends and come up with an idea based on the theme and join in the parade! We welcome pets, bikes, bands, businesses, whoever!

To purchase meals for the BBQ or register for the race (coming soon), go to our website shop. Order by June 27. After submitting your order, watch for an invoice and pay online. (The invoice will not be immediate, but will be sent within a day.)

To volunteer to help with the race, set up, food service, or clean up, click here.

Pool Opening 2023

Hello Montevideo!

The pool will be opening Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday, May 27 1:00-8:00
Sunday, May 28 1:00-8:00
Monday, May 29 1:00-8:00

Saturday, June 3 1:00-8:00
Sunday, June 4 1:00-8:00

Saturday, June 10 1:00-8:00
Sunday, June 11 1:00-8:00

Everyday beginning June 12 the hours will be 1:00-8:00.

As you know, we have had work going on in the pool house to remodel our bathrooms and office. There was a hold up with some of the permits, so construction has halted; however it should resume soon. At this time there is a construction fence around the building. We ask that neighbors please avoid this area completely to stay safe.

Because the pool house bathrooms are not complete or usable, we will be allowing those using the pool to use the clubhouse bathrooms as long as the clubhouse is not rented. We ask that you please dry off completely before going into the clubhouse bathrooms. And, parents, please supervise your children up at the clubhouse bathrooms. The clubhouse will not be open for hanging out inside; only the bathrooms will be available for use.

We will also have a portable toilet and sink in the parking lot area in case the clubhouse bathrooms are not available. They will be locked and only usable by pool attendees and lifeguards. Due to the limited bathroom facilities, the BBQ/kiddie pool area cannot be rented until we finish construction.

Thank you for understanding. We know this isn’t an ideal scenario for opening the pool, but we know people are anxious to swim and use our shared property. 


Hello Montevideo!

We are excited to announce that we have decided on the parade theme for our Fourth of July 2023 Parade; thank you to all our neighbors to submitted ideas for us–there were so many good ones! The 2023 theme is…


Remember that any street or family wishing to participate in this year’s parade may do so! You do not have to create a float or have a lot of people to enter the parade. 

Here are a few ideas it would be fun to see:
-bike brigade
-tots on wheels
-best dressed dog
-decorated wagons and strollers

Think outside the box and come up with an entry and join the parade fun!

Here’s the form to submit your entry to the parade.