Fourth of July Results

4 on the 4th Run results can be found here.

Our theme of Video Games led to some really creative and fun parade entries! And the winners are…
1st place (157 points): Monteverde with Super Mario Bros
2nd place (156 points): (Lower) Puerto Vallarta with PacMan
3rd place (151 points): Montalban with Angry Birds
4th place (145 points): (Upper) Puerto Vallarta with Minecraft

Other parade awards:
Most Creative: Montelegre with Tetris
Best Adaptation of the Theme: Montalban with Angry Birds
Best Costumes: (Upper) Puerto Vallarta with Minecraft
Most Original: Guadalajara with Game Over
Best Music: Marching Band from Dartmouth Middle School
Most Entertaining: (Lower) Puerto Vallarta with PacMan
Most Enthusiastic: Montevideo Piranhas Swim Team with Mario Kart

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