Reminder Pool Repair Survey

A few weeks ago we sent out a survey about how we should focus our efforts on repairing the pool but we still need your input.

The surveys went out by regular mail to the homeowner’s address we have on file with a stamped return addressed postcard. Please take a moment and fill it out and get it back to us, drop it in the mail or drop it in the mail slot at the clubhouse. The deadline is January 12th.

It is important that we hear from the community about how we should proceed. The pool has some large issues we need to address, including failing plumbing, cracks in both the pool and decking, some of them major, safety and accessibility issues.

2 thoughts on “Reminder Pool Repair Survey”

  1. There’s a discussion on Facebook with a few owners who lost the postcard. What can people do if they can’t find the survey? Is there a google form?

    1. Thank you for passing it on. This isn’t an electronic survey since we know that some folks are not comfortable with internet. We are asking folks who may have misplaced the survey to email the board using the Contact Us page Include their name, address, their choice to not change the shape or to change it to a rectangle, and any comments they have.

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