Happy New Year, Montevideo Residents!

Invoices were mailed in early December and came in a large envelope along with the 2021 MIA Budget. The payment was due on January 1, 2021; late fees will be charged after January 31, 2021.

The invoice can be paid in one of the following ways. Please remember to write your account number from the invoice on your check.

1. Mail payment directly to Heritage Bank
Montevideo Improvement Associationc/o Heritage Bank
PO Box 11014
San Jose, CA 95103-1014

2. Mail or drop off payment to our clubhouse mail slot
Montevideo Improvement Association
1585 Monteval Lane
San Jose, CA 95120

3. Online payment to Heritage Bank
If you wish to sign up for electronic payments visit www.hbcpay.com. The service is free if you connect a bank account, however, credit cards and debit cards will incur a convenience fee. To sign up homeowners will need the following information:
Client ID: 1061
Association ID: MIA
Account number: (their account number, from invoice)
Email address: (their email address)

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