Hello, neighbors!

It appears that many of you are making use of the pool hours and enjoying your chance to get in the water! It’s sad we can’t just hang out as in past summers, but we are making the most of it!

A couple of important reminders:

If you are unable to make it to a time slot that you have signed up for, please go to the sign-up and delete your name at least 24 hours before so that another family is able to sign-up. Thanks!

You are welcome to check the sign-up in the morning and, if there is an open slot, go down to the pool and check in with the lifeguards and swim. We want the pool to be used while it’s open! We just limit the sign-up genius to two per family to make sure everyone who wants to can have a chance to swim.

Please help us follow county guidelines by only coming to the pool with people who live in your household. This doesn’t extend to people you may have made a “pod” with; it’s only those who live with you in your home.

We have adjusted the time slots for the next week to try to get more families in earlier in the day, and to allow another hour on Fridays and Saturdays. We’ll try it this way and see how it goes. This means there isn’t a 15 minute window between the sessions, so we ask that arriving families wait outside the gate (back several feet) until those leaving can make it out of the gate.

Happy swimming!

Click here for the sign-up for July 11-17.

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