LAP SWIM begins 6/22

Hi, neighbors!

We are excited to begin offering lap swim hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 7:00-9:00 am beginning next week. There will be three lanes available and you can reserve a 50-minute slot for lap swimming. Please wear a mask when you arrive to check in with the lifeguards.

For this first week, as we see what the demand is for lap swim, please limit to signing up for one slot per week. More than one member of a family/household may share a lane. Note that this time is reserved for exercising lap swim for adults and older teens who are interested in time to get a swim workout.

Please understand that we are continually assessing the best ways to do things and making changes as needed.

Click here for the sign-up for Lap Swim June 22, 24, 26.

Please also note that going forward, the sign-up links for the next week’s pool hours and lap swim will be posted on the blog on Wednesday mornings by 9:00 am.

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